Your Special Memories

Darren Simons

Freelance Photographer

Welcome to Your Special Memories

Thank you for visiting my website - my name is Darren Simons and I am a freelance photographer based in North London. I have been interested in photography since childhood, intrigued by the end-to-end process of setting up the photo I wanted, seeing it printed and admiring it once it was framed.

It has been amazing watching over the past several years how the photography market has moved on so much. You no longer wait months for a film to be completed so that you can send it off to be processed; Photoshop has pretty much become a verb meaning to edit a photo on your computer; and many of us have cameras or even mobile phones superior to the gear professional photographers used until fairly recently.

Yet for all that, when it comes to recording those special moments in the cycle of life: baby photos, family portraits, weddings, parties and celebrations, and even the more mundane portrait to be included in an industry publication, we enlist the help of an outsider.

Hopefully this is where I can help. There are three things I can offer: Firstly recording the special memories for you to keep and to treasure. I focus on the photos themselves rather than looking to profit from the printing and leaving you without the originals. These are your memories, for you to keep and treasure.

Secondly, helping you learn to do some of this yourself. We can all take some great photos and tweak them on a computer with a bit of help. I provide bespoke workshops for either one-to-one or small groups to get to grips with the basics of photography and the post-production editing. Contact me to find out more - it really isn't as daunting as it sounds.

And finally... perhaps some of the photos on this website or my blog will inspire you. I really hope it does and would be delighted to get feedback or suggestions.


Status: Taking on new clients

I am currently available for work covering family portraits (occasions or informal) and other events or specific projects.

I also offer workshops at your home for small groups to learn the main skills needed to get great photos and to get the best results from them using Photoshop or other applications.

I will happily travel to meet and discuss your requirements. Please contact me via the Contact page to find out more.